Photography: Jay Chou 0, Cookie 1

RIP Jay Chou concert tour 2008 figurine, Singapore Edition. Apparently Cookie decided this figurine looked like a nice toy to chew on while I was at work today; I have since disabused her of that erroneous notion, and she will probably be fleeing from all Jay Chou figurines in future.

Three reasons why I did not haul Cookie up by the scruff of her neck, yank the window open and hurl that bloody dog right out:

  • Call it fate if you will, but I have a spare of the figurine.
  • She shares the same sentiments towards SG.
  • Window limitation. Throwing through the window yes, but not open + throw.

Blardy hell.

*Morose self-consolation: the picture actually looks bloody good.

5 thoughts on “Photography: Jay Chou 0, Cookie 1

  1. heard it from tom just now. seriously ouch wtf. i can imagine you yelling and beating the crap out of her with a cane

    kein: -_- I’m not *that* sick bro, would’ve killed her if I used a cane. Smacked her around with the hand that’s all *IT’S THE HAND!*


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