Birthdays: V-Day 2008, and contentment.

(This is a little out of order, but I thought I should type this out before the other backdated posts.)

A happy birthday once again to V, who’s been sharing my life with me for the second year now. This year’s birthday was a pretty quiet one; we had dinner out at a cosy Japanese cafe, and that was it.

It is always hard to find contentment and peace at heart, but I feel satisfied with every day that passes here. I am contented with the twenty-odd minutes that pass on my daily train ride to work; the precious time that I spend reading a good book. I feel satisfied with my life every evening when I step out of the office, and I see the twilight skies illuminating the road that stretches out infront of me. The vehicles trundling by, with people on their way home. My footsteps on the pavement, punctuating the trip home after yet another day. The frosty winds, the beautiful skies, the clouds, the weather, having someone to come home to; all the little bits of life that make me feel good.

Work is irritating at times, but it’s still good. I have a decent boss, and the fac that I am working in a small company does not diminish the sense of satisfaction that comes when my instructions bear fruit under the dedicated work of my guy in the office. We do good things together, and we are improving the way things are working.

I used to think I understood this part already, but the realisation came again recently that she’s been a great fit into my life all this time. She’s taken many things in her stride without much griping, which is something I like. (I hate bitchy fits.) She has her own imperfections of course, but I’m without flaws either.

And all of these would not have been possible, without that first step out to this wonderful place with V.

So thank you for being there, and for allowing me to live the life that I have always wanted. I love you.

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