Random: recent events recap – April/May 2009

So I haven’t been posting recently (yet again!), which isn’t exactly new. There is a lack of sufficiently interesting stuff to write about, so I’ve gotten lazy and resorted to easy alternatives:
1. using ping.fm to update various social media sites, which incidentally includes Twitter. So technically I’m still updating the blog, since my Twitter feed is at the top.
2. simply sharing links onto my Facebook profile.

As far as I can tell, I’ve turned into a full-time couch potato ;p Using brains too intensively on work and SZ does that to you heh heh, simply don’t feel like exercising. Swimming used to be an appealing option in summer, but in near-winter it’s turned into a deterrent. Cold water? NOOOO.

Eating hot food in this weather is a luxury, really. So we’ve taken to drinking canned soup at times, if soup wasn’t prepared on the slow cooker beforehand. And it’s only May right now, gees. Three more months of cold weather at least!

On a personal aspect, I’ve more or less devoted many nights to watching NBA; especially the recently playoffs series with the Celtics. Their battle with the Chicago Bulls was an awesome seven game series, which fortunately ended with them getting through to the second round.

Unfortunately, the current round against the Orlando Magic is ending with Game 7 too. One wonders how that one will work out. I’m pretty sure the Celtics will crash and burn against the Cavaliers without KG, so that’s pretty much the end of NBA for the Celtics as far as I can tell. Unless House and Marbury starts to pull consistent numbers, with Allen/Pierce/Davis/Perkins all in peak scoring form, I don’t see any other way they could win. Allen and House have not been scoring much, after being shut down by the Magic. Call them the worst free throw shooting team in the league, but the Magic have got good defense.

TV series
And what else? Watching How I Met Your Mother (good stuff, especially Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney Stinson), Heroes (Season 2 starts to go awry for me, stopped right after the fifth episode), and rewatching Hotman (j-drama).

Ah, and trying to complete Folklore on PS3 of course. I’d gotten to the last boss Scarecrow actually, but fell flat because I went about hitting the crow heads with the wrong attack pfft. Will have to retry another night.

Home project
And last of all, I’m probably going to convert the living room desktop to a home server (sortof). It will function as a print server, which means the laser printer will be hooked up to it. And also, as a file server – this means everyone’s files will be stored on this machine, with the files to be backed up onto a separate hard drive daily. So I’ll need to get a NIC (woops, the desktop didn’t come with one), 20m Ethernet cable (my router’s in the bedroom so heh), and a couple of Western Digital SATA HDDs (1TB probably). Plenty of time to get this ironed out over next week.

I could’ve bought the D-Link DNS-323 (which was the original plan), but the service centre’s in NSW so I’m scrapping that thought. Too much trouble really, especially if I’m buying the thing online and that shop’s in NSW too. Imagine shipping the shit to and back, pfft.