Keinian ideals: The meaning of one’s existence

The daily train journey: precious time for the occasional brain exercise.

I had these thoughts in the past week:

I have always believed that life is like a scripted act – our decisions take us along different routes, but the main events were decided long ago. It’s just how you get there, that’s all.

Had a look at something I wrote long ago, and it seems like things are going otherwise right now.

It is common in life to never know if we made the right decision, until hindsight shows how we fared. Should my life end this moment, would I be able to tell myself that I lived the life I had wanted? It would have meant a poor existence otherwise. Regrets on the deathbed? Not exactly the best thoughts to have in those few final moments.

There is never a wholly right or wrong decision in life; but should our actions not match our dreams, what do we truly live for?