Photography: Back in business!

Okay, so I finally got sick of holding the urge in, and bought a DSLR at long last. I can finally justify the “photography” bit in my blog title, woops. (It’s been noticeably absent for months at least.)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:

The Canon EOS 50D, complete with EF 28mm f/1.8 USM.

I got the best prices I could see online, which was from Digital Camera Warehouse, and did a price match with JB Hi-Fi. The guy at JB was pretty cool; gave an emphatic “you know what? we’ll beat it!”.

Result? I got almost $400 off the price of the body. Moral of the story, always price match when buying stuff here. Still a pretty penny, but much less than the displayed $1,899 tag for the 50D body.

Everything’s great so far, except for one gripe: the damn power button is almost impossible to flick with one hand!

End of bullshit, here’s some pictures I took today.

Snap #1: total fail, nothing’s in focus. Blame it on total ineptitude here.

Cookie’s looking great here.

Test self-taken shot with V, Cookie and me.

Test scenery shot from apartment window.

Test indoor night shot, hmmmmmm.

And here’s an awful snap with Cookie snapping at her clothes in mid-air.

That’s all for now; I’ll be back with better shots later. Till then!

Too many post categories!

Realised I have too many f-ing post categories. In short, I was using categories to do what the tags are supposed to do. My own conclusion: categories define the branch, tags represent the twigs and leaves of the post. So yes, major cleanup in progress, have eliminated a few categories and renamed all the other categories – hopefully this makes things a little easier for navigation.