Movies: 风云 2 (Storm Warriors)

So yes, despite all the negative feedback I caught this last night at Crown. Andddd here we go, the beginning of a stream of criticism:

  • 步惊云’s 三霸剑之剑流云: 5 star effort, excellent! His other moves were crap.
  • 步惊云’s 悲痛莫名 looked like a huge ball of water, rather than the sea of slashes that represented the sorrow of the swordsman’s emotions.
  • 无名’s 悲痛莫名 was learnt by 步惊云 at a very young age; what the hell was that about learning it instantly in the movie?
  • Why is 无名 wearing armor? 万剑归宗 felt like a stupid hail of swords z; declasse.
  • 聂风入魔 = Twilight-mode eyes? No blood red devil mode x-ray vision eye? And more importantly: why did he have both eyes in this movie, he was supposed to have only ONE!
  • There was an attempt to follow the canon plot, which told of 聂风 turning into the 麒麟魔, as evidenced by the scales on his body. Not very well explained though, and I doubt the average audience would have realised it.
  • 聂风的风神腿在哪了! He was using fists almost 90% of the time, sigh. Given that fight choreography with kicks on a non-martial artist is extremely tough, but I was sort of looking forward to this bit. 聂风 was so good, he could wield his 雪饮刀 with his feet, as illustrated in the comic with the move 踏雪寻梅. In the movie, we have him brawling like a street fighter.
  • 第一邪王 is no longer the 阴阳 dude who is a half black/white fellow with a male and female arm.
  • 第一邪王 magically knows 绝无神’s weak spot, wow. Magic!
  • 第二梦 has a barely visible deformity on her face, and turns into a pretty chick. Come ON.
  • 第三猪王’s 创刀 is never mentioned in this movie, and neither is his teaching to 聂风. Instead, he becomes this dude who wields a staff. A STAFF wth.
  • 楚楚 knows 武功! Amazing.
  • 绝无神 takes time off the gym, and slims down in this movie. No longer the hulking conqueror.

Anyway, it is tough work adapting a comic to the big screen and I never had any expectations of this being an awesome piece of work, so it’s a watch-and-forget kind of thing for me.

PS3: How to get your bang for the buck on games

I formulated my ultimate long-term strategy on saving money for PS3 games over here in Melbourne.

  • Step 1: Buying the game in Australia? Always remember: price match! Get the best deal you can from Big W, JB Hi-Fi, K-Mart or whatever it is, then price match at EBGames. Save money on the initial purchase.
  • Step 2: Play hard, complete the game ASAP. The game’s value is likely to be higher in the first couple of weeks. Game value depreciates quickly, so be fast. Lose sleep if you have to.
  • Step 3: Trade it back in at EBGames for credit. If you have an Edge card with EB, you get 10% more value for trade-in = more value.

So this was how I did it recently for Assassin’s Creed 2.

  • Step 1: Price matched at EBGames, AC2 was selling $78 at Big W.
  • Step 2: Completed it within 3 weeks. (I was a little slow on this; Uncharted 2 took me one night heh heh.)
  • Step 3: Traded it back to EBGames. Original trade-in value $60, additional 10% = $66.

Tech: Google Pinyin as a Chinese IME

Google Pinyin (or 谷歌拼音) is great stuff, kudos to Steven for introducing it.

  • Easy to install
  • Small memory footprint
  • Non-intrusive on the OS interface, only appears when you switch your Windows IME to Chinese.
  • Pretty good predictive function, even if your Hanyu Pinyin is not brilliant.
  • And the interface is way better than the NJStar I used to use.

Seriously, Give it a try today. You won’t regret it!