Post-2009 thoughts

Now, 2009 has come and gone. And 2010 is here!

So, what have I done in 2009?

  • Supported the Crazy John South Dragons, and watched them rise to their first ever NBL championship! And promptly vanish thereafter. There goes my hopes of watching live basketball matches at a nearby arena.
  • Passed my IELTS with flying colours on the first try.
  • Got threatened with a lawsuit; it was a very exciting weekend.
  • Caught Mayday in Melbourne for the first time, yeah!
  • Setup a basic home network with centralised storage and scheduled backup; one step ahead for easy access and redundancy!
  • Bought my first DSLR: the Canon 50D with a fantastic lens, the EF 28mm F/1.8. Photography returns!
  • Skipped out on a trip to Falls Creek, and enjoyed some exclusive me time. Realised me time is very important.
  • Watched Jersey Boys. Twice. (Third time coming this year!)
  • Bought my first automatic watch, the Lum-Tec M18. Yes, buying this is a major milestone.
  • Random tech improvements at work involving Cisco, Linux and MRTG.
  • Went for a two week getaway to Singapore. Christmas@Bali, New Year@Bangkok. My first real overseas vacation since 2007, wow.

Goals for 2010:

  • To gain more insight into what I want in life.
  • To understand myself better. Life is a journey of self-discovery, yes?
  • To explore more places within Australia.
  • To improve sales via online marketing (SEO, PPC) at work
  • To roll out several more migrations successfully with no hiccups.

Fingers crossed!