Basketball: Zone defense, and banner #18, we’re almost there!

I have been literally eating and breathing basketball these days. Watching the NBA playoffs, playing basketball, talking about basketball with the rest of the guys – I’m really lucky to have a bunch of regular guys to play ball with. The number’s been steadily growing, and I think the group’s grown to hmm, seven? Maybe eight, more at times. We had a really good session last Saturday, and I’m looking forward to the next session on Saturday – more playing time as the ball handler, my favourite spot for now : )

We had a bit of a discussion on zone defense today at lunch, and it was generally agreed that zone defense would be too tough a thing to use on our current group. It takes too much co-ordination and practice, and man-on-man defense works pretty good right now anyway, especially when most of us know when to help on the picks.

And yes, about the playoffs.

via Doc Funk: MIA-BOS Game 5.

The Boston Celtics have defied all predictions, easily polishing off the Miami Heat (and Wade) in 4-1.

via Doc Funk: CLE-BOS Game 6.

Also, the Cleveland Cavaliers (and James) in 4-2.

via Doc Funk: ORL-BOS Game 2.

And with two away games in the bag right now, they look to be polishing off the Orlando Magic (and Howard) soon.

Hello Lakers (and Bryant), we’ll see you soon in the finals!

Everyone in the team is absolutely playing with great hustle and determination ever since the playoffs kicked off. They really hit the switch, like they promised during the season. No pretty basketball right now, it’s all gritty defense and tough fouls to bring the wins in. The starting five together with Glen Davis, Rasheed Wallace and Tony Allen are basically it – Scalabrine, Robinson, Daniels and Williams look to be benched indefinitely for the rest of the playoffs. Will we get championship banner number 18 on the rafters this year? It’s not a 100%, but chances are looking really good right now. No time to rest, only to treat each game as a must-win and bring their all into every single game. I’m really impressed by the intensity they’ve got right now, absolutely the mark of a bunch who’ve got their eyes set on that trophy.

The playoff semis were a little disappointing though; I guess no one expected to see 4-0 sweeps across three series, especially teams like the Spurs and Jazz. The Hawks just wilted in the playoffs, I have no idea where their excellent season offense went off to.

Game 3 for Orlando v Boston is on Sunday morning, I’ll be looking forward to a straight win at the Garden. GO CELTS!

And did I mention Doc Funk is absolutely hilarious with his captions?

ROFL mode.

Check out Red’s Army and Celtics Hub too, they’re part of my favourite reads during the playoffs now.

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