Birthdays: keinday 2010

Is this amazing or what? Even the post number is 2010! It’s odd how the permalink numbers keep jumping though, makes me wonder why they’re not sequential. Maybe I have a phantom blogger who’s churning out invisible posts somewhere o.O

Regardless, 2009/2010 has been a rather interesting year.

Work: The second half of 2009 was pretty peaceful, and then 2010 basically started off with a bang, hitting me with shit at work non-stop, even now. Really hope the shitstorm dies down soon, gets on my nerves at times. Nonetheless, endless learning and growing has always been one of the cornerstones of this job, and I’m pretty certain that the Kein who began working here in 2008 is nowhere the same as the one who’s sitting here in 2010. I like to think I have grown nerves of steel and can think even in a crisis, and ideas sprout up all the time about marketing and improving work stuff, but staff management skills need work; I seem to be too lax on my server administrators, which cause huge delays and roastings for me. Gotta buck up and start flaming people harder from now on! Thanks to my guys Benny and Bill for being my left and right hands all this time, I would’ve never gotten to this point without them.

I had several great trips squashed within two very busy weeks.


Bali, and?


And of course, not forgetting the weekend Daylesford getaway.

A much-needed break from the mountain I call work.

Basketball: Great improvements. Learning how to pass better, run better, drive better, shoot better even. Life is good.

Photography: The purchase of the 50D and the 28mm = great decision. I love the way my pictures turn out. And of course, the shitty pics make me realise I shouldn’t be doing it that way.

Personal: I have tried very hard to hold on to my habit of writing everything down, and it’s mostly worked out. My brain is like a fcuking sieve, but things still get done because I jot them down before it slips away (most of the time). I do my best to think before I speak, and to rein my temper in. To be more social when it’s required, and to forgive and forget whenever I can. I can say that I’m living my life being more honest with myself with every year that passes, and that’s always a good thing isn’t it?

Everything else in life: Of course, I’m very thankful to be (mostly) healthy, and to have parents who allowed me the freedom to roam and live over here in Australia. And to have a brother I can rant and talk about most things. He’s got room for improvement, but at least he listens and tries – which is about as much as you can hope for. And to V of course, who has been with me ever since our first step here, and pretty much gone through everything with me. I know females always say they never get tired of hearing those three magic words, so here’s it once again – I love you. And ooh yeah the queen of the household – Cookie! Despite all her bad habits, I still would never ever trade her for another dog. And who else have I missed out? The friends who have bothered to keep in touch, and those who are busy but remember me in their hearts nonetheless – you guys are great.

So, the birthday celebration. It was supposed to be a KTV session to celebrate the birthdays for us all July kids but two skipped out..

.. and only Stan and me were left.


We really had a fun time, thanks guys!

This goes out to Bill, Jasmine, Doris, David, Cherie, Ambrose and Sam for attending and prepping the cake and organising the session.

The actual big day was just a day spent sleeping late (took leave because I was simply too tired from working overtime the night before), having lunch with Stan at Pancake Parlour (lunch set for $10? didn’t know they had stuff like this), and dinner at Ramen Ya with Bill, Jasmine and Doris – everyone (‘cept Bill and me) was deeply engrossed in the origami instructions provided. Nothing too spectacular, but enjoyable all the same.

This is a list of all the wishes and gifts I received this year – spam warning! And thanks again to all those who remembered, know that I appreciate it more with every year that passes.


  • From Zhiming: Lowepro Passport Sling™ camera bag. Good bag for travel, I likes.
  • From Lishi: Calvin Klein undies (can never have too many of ’em!) and the Adidas Boston Celtics tee that I wanted. And a super belated birthday card with a birthday cake on the cover. The legendary card which got bounced back twice but finally arrived in one piece, received on 03 Nov. One can never fully express the depth of appreciation for simple presents like these.

    To My Dearest Friend
    So I suppose this is the 3rd birthday gift from me to you this year! Haha.
    Hopefully it arrives on time cos I was abit late in posting it.
    Here’s a birthday cake to wish you on the 29th anniversary of your birth. Wahahaha.
    As usual, thank you for being such a good fren throughout all these years. Being by my side (maybe virtually); am so glad that this year we are able to catch up more cos I can use MSN. Yeah! Wish I could go over soon! Well… wishful thinking. May your future blossom, continue to be customer-oriented & prove your boss wrong. Haha.
    Last but not least, Be Happy!
    Hugz Hugz.
    Love, Lishi ’10.

    And an extra card with a golden Thank U came together with a little bookmark that reads “KEIN’S PERSONAL BOOKMARK” – I like bookmarks.

    Hohoho!!! KEIN
    I finally got to buying the card. Purposely went down to Citylink on a Saturday afternoon to buy.
    Like how their card designs are always so simple yet nice.
    Sorry for the super super belated birthday card so this is an additional one to say “Thank You” for bearing with me & of cos for being the friend that you have always been.
    My “Special One”. Haha.
    Oh, btw, let me know what gift you prefer for your weding! Cya next year!

  • From Bill/Andy/Jasmine/Cherie/David/Benny: a pair of Nike basketball shorts and And1 top. Basketball apparel is always welcome!
  • From Stan: my first birthday card (the one from Crown didn’t count), and a mystery present on the way long-awaited mystery present which finally arrived on 13 Sep 2010 – a Jay Chou figurine from the 2009 World Tour, Sydney version! This joins the rest of them figurines in front of the TV.
  • From V: my first birthday Post-It that says “Happy Birthday Dear!” (lifetime first o.o), and a mystery present on the way Received package on 27 Jul: She wanted to get me The Rotting Land, but it was sold before she could click on the Buy button on eBay. I received The Order of the Stick: Dungeon Crawlin’ Fools and The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs instead – still goots!
  • From SJ jie: mystery present on the way Received package on 27 Jul: DVDs of The Manchurian Candidate and Paycheck, along with a self-designed card with my name on the front!

    Hello di, Happy 29th Birthday!
    This year is the last of your birthday that begin with a 2, so jie took some time to prepare some small pressies for you. Hope you like it. Er… byt he time you receive this package it’ll be belated! 请不要见怪!
    不知不觉 next year you’ll be going to the next stage in your life – the big 30 and before you know it, you’ll be a husband and daddy. (I can’t wait to see Kein jr! =)) All the best in your life journey.
    Jie would like to take this opportunity to thank you! There have been times when I feel really down and you were there to lend a listening ear and 开导我. I really appreciate it and words can’t really justify how I feel. Thank you! =)
    Hugs, ShiJie 2010

Hehe Merry Birthday my great friend ^.^ Merry Birthday!

Hi’s me Davina 🙂 HapPY bIRthdAY!! 😀 Wishing u a good health, success&happiness throughout da year! Keep in touch&take care.Miss u guys all at Netbay!

Lishi (+ msn status!)
Happy birthday! Not working today? Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Bro! Chilling at home? Have a good one!

Happy birthday man!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday kein, wish u have a great day

Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday to dear Kein.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

Adri (on both my mobiles o.O)
Dearest Kein, enjoy your last 20s 🙂 Happy birthday my friend, wishing you a fulfilling year before big 30!!! Adri

Bro! Your birthdat bloody silent sia! Happy belated birthday man!!

Sharon says (7:56 AM):
Happy burfday my fren:) n now I gg bak to zz le 🙂 haha enjoy ur wonderful day

Kimberly says (9:55 AM):
Happy birthday! 🙂

Alvin says (10:16 AM):
Happy Birthday To U

Zhiming says (10:43 AM):
Happy Birthday to u happy birthday to u happy birthday to tupig kein ….. Happy birthdayyyyy tooooo chiusssss

SJ jie says (12:15 PM):
Hey hey! Happy birthday di~! Enjoy ur day! 😀

Zaoliang says (12:42 AM):
yo boss happy birthday!

Wang Li:
Hi Kein
Hope you have a very happy birthday!!!
I really wish I could join you for b-ball more often, but doing internship in financial firm is not an easy job.


There were too many posts, so I replied each one as best as I could, then did them into a single image. Very, very long image coming up. Thanks guys, I hope my copy/paste job didn’t leave anyone out :X

The white goods saga – AppliancesOnline is good!

The washing machine/dryer and fridge we bought from David in 2007 decided they had enough, and promptly kicked the bucket within months of each other. In our household, losing either appliance constituted a major disaster so we got around to buying replacements pretty quickly.


The new fridge is a Kelvinator KTM3900W, and was bought from AppliancesOnline. They’re a pretty good online retailer, as they actually offer price matching if you can find a better deal online elsewhere. That’s basically what V did – she found a cheaper price elsewhere, and gave AppliancesOnline (AO) a call to price match. As usual, you can’t get a good deal if you don’t price match over here.

They actually provide two pretty good value-added services:

  • installation of the new unit, and
  • removal of the original unit.

Getting rid of the old unit (aka white goods disposal) IMO, is a major pain in the arse. You either call up the city council for a date, or check with the building management (if you live in an apartment). The disposal appointment is usually some time away, and you are left with that hunk of junk in the house. I have to say, having the delivery guy haul it off on the same day is a major source of relief – hauling shit is not exactly my favourite activity. And the fridge has been working well ever since.

Washing machine

We had a first good experience with AO, so ended up going with them again for the washing machine purchase, which was an Electrolux EWF1074. This purchase came with a few hiccups. For starters, the unit was out of stock in the VIC warehouse, so I got a call from them asking if I needed it really urgently – YES! Two weeks’ worth of laundry in winter is tough I tell you – the clothes never seem to dry properly, and there are only so many racks in the house. The guy on the line offered to ship one down from their NSW warehouse, which I really appreciated. What I probably missed out in that conversation, was that installation and unit removal would not be done.

9 Jul, Friday: So it came down to the delivery day and the courier gave me a phone call, telling me they couldn’t do the delivery that day, and that it had to be pushed to the next working day. So, from Friday to Monday = another three days of accumulated laundry, duh. I emailed and called AO that same day, and the chap who answered the phone was sympathetic enough but explained they couldn’t do much about it. Apparently they were undergoing a new office shift, and things were in big disarray on their side as well. He agreed that delaying the delivery wasn’t very nice of them without offering an explanation, plus AO wasn’t informed to begin with.

12 Jul, Monday: Stan met the deliveryman, who dumped the washing machine, and promptly left, saying he had a load of deliveries to make. Can’t really blame him I guess, I would be in a foul mood if I had to drive a truckload of white goods and deliver them myself. He had to haul the unit up with the help of the friendly concierge, and DIY-ed the installation (it’s really a blessing that he’s in the house to deal with all these stuff, otherwise I would have had to take leave.) So I was a little mystified at why the hell the old unit wasn’t removed, and called AO up again. The lady who answered the line was very professional about my deafness in the first conversation with Andrew, and offered to send a guy down to remove the old unit on Wednesday. I thought this was really very excellent service on their part, given that it was my blunder. So there you have it, the old unit is due to be removed tomorrow, and the washing machine is quietly doing an excellent job.

All’s right with the world again, I think we’ve run out of white goods to buy for now. But I’ll definitely stick with AppliancesOnline on our next purchase!

14 Jul, Wednesday: washing machine got picked up by the AO guys at 0845hrs in the morning, whew. Talk about prompt service.