Wedding: Sorting the details #3

Four more months to go! And there is still a ton of stuff on the list.

  • Date: 15 May 2011, Sunday.
  • Venue: Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Tecoma Pavilion. Will check back in March 2011 to confirm that my venue isn’t affected by renovation works. Also paid 50% deposit for the catering so that’s another milestone down. Need to decide if the food is right though.
  • Celebrant: Waiting to meet up again with John Byrne in April 2011, need to hand him an invitation together with the remaining documents and cash.
  • Sequence of events: A less sketchy idea of how I want things to go has been written down, with ideas on wet weather plans, and plans to conduct a rundown a week before actual.
  • Equipment setup: Need to finalise stuff needed and pay deposit to The Wedding Zone.
  • Wedding rings: Bought my ring from Charles Rose last year, V has yet to buy her ring. Need to engrave them after that.
  • Wedding gown: V’s gown from China didn’t fit well even after alteration, so she needs to look around for a suitable gown.
  • Guest list: Need to confirm attendance for some overseas people in Feb, in process of trimming guest list to a manageable size.
  • Photographer: Accommodation for Michael (aka TX) booked, but air ticket not confirmed yet.
  • Airfare: Still pending V’s family’s air tickets.
  • Accommodation: A couple of friends came out with a bad experience from Katz Apartments, so we had a round of inspections on other serviced apartments and settled with Milano instead – deposit placed last year.
  • Invitations: We are 90% complete on this one. If you haven’t seen the invitation cover on Facebook, here’s a peek. I quite think our design beats a lot of other wedding invitations I’ve seen hands down, face flat. (Yes, I am quite proud of what Stan’s skills achieved with my contributions.)

    The 五月の恋 bit came from an idea that popped up sometime last year, an inspiration for the theme of the day actually. The wedding’s in May (五月) so that’s pretty obvious. We started out with a common interest towards Mayday (五月天), and this is the fifth (五) year of our relationship. Lots of significance if you know where to look! I wanted the card to reflect my personality, which is simplicity. Overly flowery shit just doesn’t cut it TBH. The cover design is simple, no-fuss and yet manages to retain a stroke of elegance – brilliant.

  • Videographer: Stan’s the one, but need to hammer out the flow of the day.
  • Makeup artist: Not done yet.
  • Car hire: Delegated this to Bill, need to tell him again on number of people in car and car ribbon colours. It’s oddly amusing why the colour of a ribbon can take almost two weeks to decide on, when no one is going to bother to give the damn ribbons a second look on the actual day.
  • Florist: V checked availability of sunflowers with Basia Puchalski, sounds good so far but you never know with the weather.
  • Honeymoon: No idea now.

More updates in another post.

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