Keinian ideals: Talking straight

Random sharing of the day; thought I should start writing down these little scraps of “wisdom” I keep preaching from time to time.

When asked a question:

  • If you can do it, say you can.
  • If you cannot but want to help, say you do not know but will find out.
  • If you can but do not want to, say you cannot.
  • If you lack knowhow and motivation to find out, admit ignorance – no one will fault you.

Do not pussyfoot around or spin bullshit stories that make you sound like you want to but you cannot. Walk like a man, talk like a man.

Anyone can promise, but a man backs up his word.

Before asking a question:
Ask yourself – have I tried to find the answer by myself?
If you have not, this means you hold the time of other people to be of less value than your own.

Show respect for others as you would want onto yourself.

This is from Randy Pausch’s famous Last Lecture:

There are three parts to an apology:

  • I am sorry.
  • I will not do it again.
  • How can I make it better for you?

Randy was a wise man.

Wedding: Uh what, one week more?

Damn that’s fast. Where did all the time go? It’s funny how three weeks seem a long time and then two weeks step up to bitchslap you in the face, giving you a not-so-subtle reminder that it’s not.

Good: Not much left on the list.

Bad: “Not much” mostly mean paying the remaining vendor bills.

It’s just about ironing the schedule and checking for last-minute kinks for the most part. And yes, praying for GOOD WEATHER. Can we link hands now and pray to the sun god for fine weather on the bloody 15th please?