Wedding: It’s finally over!

It’s been two weeks or more since the wedding, and I have been slowly trying to recuperate on various fronts:

  • Lack of sleep – gaming is sort of contributing to this, but I’m stil trying to sleep more! (Best effort basis.)
  • General state of chaos in the house – remnants of wedding stuff, presents, unfolded clothes et cetera. I’m trying to do a bit every night but the cold nights really make me feel like just vegetating in my seat and doing meaningless things infront of the laptop; various activities which incidentally include blogging.

Wrote a really long piece on the Facebook album, so I’ll just paste it here:

Many things to be thankful for.

Very thankful that the weather was fantastic on those few hours after a week of rain and gloom, and that the schedule went ahead mostly fine without major disruptions.

Thankful also to everyone who helped out:
My main men Bill, Andrew, Andy and Stan. For the bucks events, the cars, the driving, the card design, the video gunk, the guitar lessons. Too many. Not enough.

The other buddies who helped out in their own way – people like Lester helping me to clean up afterwards, Clement for walking Cookie during the ceremony.

Thankful to all the friends who were kind enough to fly over from Singapore; people like Tianxiang who took time out from his hectic work schedule and his baby girl to capture these unforgettable moments, Yunlong who sacrificed exam paper marking time for me, Zhiming/Albin/Nick for being so spontaneous and agreeing to fly down since last year, Lishi/Honda/Xianqin for so graciously making the trip down, your presence meant a lot to me.

The colleagues and friends who came down, and especially Mr J.Horton who’s been a huge part of my life here. Friends like Jasmine, Hin, Benny, Anita, Cherie, David, Kenneth, Benson who’ve graced us with your presence.

Very thankful to everyone who took time out to attend our little ceremony, and also thankful to those who were unable to attend but still sent their little gifts. This includes Jason and I-Ling, Nanzhen and Meishan, Wilfred, Andrew and Chai Ling, Adri and Yanbin, Yiting and Nic among many others.

If any names were missed, a big SORRY in advance here. Let me know and I’ll add you in pronto!

I count myself blessed that so many people have made time out for this day of our joining, and I hope that all of you have enjoyed the event and for those who were not there, I hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful (albeit unprocessed) moments captured by my old schoolmate and dear friend Michael Chan (aka TX), check out the links below.


Disclaimer: blatant advertising because I love his pictures and I think every other couple should get him as their photographer, nothing else.

Here’s a few pictures to justify the wall of text in front.

Tons of other great candid shots featuring the friends who came, but I think I should respect their privacy and not post their mugs all over the internet : )

But this one’s different:

The one who has helped me a great deal throughout the months before the wedding. My brother and at the same time one of the people I can always count on for help. From the video planning to the card design to listening to all my rants about planning to being the resident chef in our daily routine, he’s always been there. It’s tough to imagine how I could’ve coped with everything if he wasn’t around.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to Stan for always being around.

Once again, I’m really thankful that the day went well, and I’m really heaving a great sigh of relief that this eight-month mofo of a logistical headache is ALL OVER AT LAST. Good luck to all the others who have not had theirs, I’ll be rooting for you to pull through in one piece. I’m still trying to get used to the ring on my ring finger and the weird absence of the ring on my third finger is just.. weird. It was somewhat of a coincidence that I sprained my ring finger playing basketball a couple of weeks before the wedding, so the ring ended up being tighter than it has to be. Like really, really tight. So I don’t take it off even when I sleep heh. And I have to use a finger guard to cover the ring during basketball.

And the fact that V is the wife rather than the girlfriend probably will take a while before I roll it off my tongue smoothly.

But other than these little things, everything is mostly the same as it was. Yes, married life is not that different when you’ve been living with your other half in the same house for the past three years or so.

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