Random thoughts on a soak

So I decided that today’s a good day to have a soak in the jacuzzi, and headed downstairs after dinner; Kindle in hand, intending to see if I could actually read in mid-boil. The Bourne Ultimatum is just so good, and so different from what the movie was.

And came across the pool before the jacuzzi. HMMMMMMM.

And the pool looked like a good idea; I hadn’t swum in months.
One of those ideas that seem good at the start, and not-so-good later on. Not-so-good flashed across the mind in neon flashing yellow soon as I felt the water’s chilly embrace. FCUKKKKKKKKING COLD but shut up and take it like a man please. Started to swim and it didn’t seem that bad after a couple of laps, my core was even starting to feel warm. Feels really great getting into the stroke again, I should do this more often. Then the muscles started complaining very loudly, seeing as they hadn’t been used in that fashion since summer. So I stopped after ten laps, still kinda cold.

And hit those two green buttons, and hopped into the jacuzzi. It was HOT! Ice and fire treatment after the frosty swim. Jacuzzi sessions alone are really great; you can just ignore everything else and think about nothing in particular, just stare at nothing in particular and let your mind wander.

(Which reminds me, I really need to get a whiteboard in my bathroom next time; many random thoughts pop up during a hot shower that I so often forget right afterwards.)

And it felt good to just sit there, and soak up the peace and quiet.

And the fading warmth of the waters.

I think I really should do this more often.

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