Keinian ideals: Do something useful!


I had one of the long talks (otherwise known as moral lectures by yours truly) with the brother awhile ago, and a few things were discussed. One of those topics, I call it doing something useful.

To put it simply, you fill your time doing something that has results. Do not waste your time pussyfooting around, deluding yourself into thinking that you are doing something that (might be) useful.

This is probably not the best analogy at hand, but see if you understand it:

If I enjoy painting and I set myself down for a few hours to paint, I would call that results. I enjoy myself, and I create something in the process.

If I want to paint and realise I’m short on painting supplies, what happens next?

  • I continue to sit in the room and stare at an empty canvas, telling myself I’m trying to visualise the picture and colours. I write a list of colours I might need, spend hours making a short-list. That’s wasting time. Nothing is achieved, I’m still short on supplies and whatever ideas I had might be forgotten. Sure I have a list, but a list is worth nothing if I’m not heading to the store to buy the stuff I need!
    It might sound like work, but that’s all it is.
  • I get out of the house to restock, head back home and resume the task. That’s results for you – fix one problem, and I’m ready to continue on the original task. If inspiration comes, I’m ready to paint knowing I have everything I need.

Focus hard, and look at what you could be doing.
If one task is blocked due to missing requirements, look at something else that could be done.
Or even better, try fixing the missing requirements or working around it!

Multi-tasking seldom helps, focus and concentration is what gets jobs done. The more you focus on a single task, the better you work. It is just sad that in this modern world of endless distractions, true concentration takes a disciplined mind.

So remember, think results. Think about your intended course of action, is that seriously having any real impact? Or are you just pretending to work?

Help yourself, get out of the funk and start achieving something today!


(I wrote this on my last trip back.)

You know you are getting old, when every spick and speck you see contains a fond memory.

Of falling down, of getting up.
Of fun days, of gloomy times.

Of falling down that steep slope attempting a one-handed freehand cycling stunt, that has since been reworked into a gentle cycling path today. Time changes everything.

Of endless suppers past with beloved friends, where I walked and cycled along that familiar stretch of road. To and back, with anticipation and contentment.

Of days after swimming practice, when we would trudge down that same old path back home. Rain or shine, it never mattered, not even when I got home soaking wet.

Of days when I would go to school. Or ditch school for ball.

Of lazy days after work, when I would cycle to the pool for a leisurely swim and a snooze plus tan. Not to mention gym!

Of days when I was a besotted fool and hung around for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Different hers.

And most of all?

When returning home becomes a ritual of renewing old and treasured times in my life, and ceases to become the grounds for creating new memories.

Then do I realise that home, is no longer home.

If, only.

Feeling sad.

That day
Something made me understand, simple honesty would never beget a like answer.
Friends do not avoid truth.

That moment
I finally realised even the best of friends drift apart.
Friends do not forget.

I wish
I could be a better friend and stand by you always.
Friends do not let go. I tried.

I look
I see the someone I no longer know.
Friends do not judge. I tried.

One day
Would you understand why I feel the way I do?
Friends care. I do.

Feeling sad.


Quite an excellent social sharing app with a cleanly designed interface and easier sharing (e.g. music!) – the only drawback is I can only use it on my mobile. Have a look at Path if you are interested.

For someone who uses his laptop about ten times more than his mobile, this is a big drawback.

Bugs I noticed:

  • Unable to connect to Facebook for sharing or looking for friends
  • Loads up really slow through iTunes for the song I’m listening to

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my headache. Nasty little bugger plagues me only at night it seems, starting from yesterday.

The war against wheels.


I don’t really hate all wheels. Cars are handy, trolleys are good when moving stuff and so on.

My rules are simple:

  • If it’s too bulky or
  • Slows me down when I can’t walk as fast as I want or
  • Some other reason I hate as much

It’s got to go.

Example #1: luggage cases.
Bulky, a biatch to wheel around, they slow me down plus the finishing move – I have to wait for the damn carousel at arrival! Not to mention the fact that having a big luggage case gives you an excuse to fill it up with shit you probably do not need. Lightweight is my preferred mode of travel.

(Sidenote: have not used luggage cases in years.)

Example #2: supermarket trolleys.
Bulky, takes up too much space in supermarket aisles, slows me down and when you are grocery shopping with a lady, having a nice empty trolley seems like an open invitation to throw random stuff inside.

(Stick to shopping baskets. If I can haul the basket, I can carry it home. Not true vice versa.)

Example #3: baby strollers.
Bulky, a biatch to wheel around, takes up too much space everywhere, moves too slowly for my liking. I’m sticking to the Moby Wrap until the stroller becomes an unavoidable option.