The will to speak the truth.

(Writing the daily post on my N9 and posting it via Telstra 3G, best termed as an exercise in mental discipline.)

Some say, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it. It might be called tact, or courtesy. Or being nice.

And we have these phrases about being the bearer of bad news and shooting the messenger.

Should one be inclined to tell the truth, and always the truth then? I like to think that true friendship holds fast even upon hearing the unwelcome truth.

If the truth hurts and makes one shy away? Well then, you just understood how strong those bonds go. Some things are better realised earlier or later.

Human relations are fragile and often beyond one’s control, all we can do is to live our lives according to what we believe in, and hope for thr acceptance of other kindred souls that understand us, for who we are.


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