Just, thankful.

One of many quiet moments, this one spent in a largely empty apartment, typing away on the N9, sitting on the floor with my back against the wall and Stan belting out 菊花台 in the bathroom.

I am thankful for good health, without which nothing would be possible.

For my wonderful life in Melbourne, spent with a growing little family.

For having understanding parents and a bro who’s a real bro and not some stranger. For a fiercely independent and mentally tough wife. For my little sunflower, who’s a bundle of laughter and tears all at once. And for having a supportive uncle, who is a man of few words, but always the first to speak with action.

For the journey and lessons work has brought me through, for the excellent mentors that I have had along the way. Thank you, for sharing what you know. For the great colleagues that I have had so far, thank you for being around to share the load, and at the same time share bits and pieces of our lives in the daily grind.

For the countless friends who have made my life that much more; things would be a pale shadow had I lived them in solitude. Thank you for sharing your time, your words. Your jokes, your worries, your hopes and fears. It has always been, and continues to be an honour to be your friend.

And to the big one up there, thank you for the gift of a wonderful life so far. I thank thee, and will continue to live life with an open mind, ready to accept the surprises ahead.



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