The tale of Lumo and the meter read.

Very hard apparently. It’s been three appointments and two days of leave, and I’m still uncertain about whether the deed’s been done.

I’m a Lumo Energy customer, so what actually happens is:

  • I tell Lumo about my new place, and that I want them to be the supplier.
  • They get instructions on the appointment, and forward the request to Citipower.
  • Citipower gets someone out to read the meter.

Sounds easy isn’t it?

Here’s where the caveats come in.

  • Lumo sends a default request, with case notes added for visit time and contact details etc.
  • For default requests, Citipower sends out a guy anytime within the next three working days, from 0700hrs to 1900hrs.
  • For default requests, Citipower assumes that site access is available anytime.
  • Citipower meter readers, apparently are not expected to read the case notes.
  • For sites where access is limited, an appointment has to be made specifically with the meter reader. This was advised by Citipower, and has to be done via Lumo.

So the problem here is, my energy meter is inside the building, which requires swipe card access. And the meter reader does not read the case notes, waltzes up to the building and cannot get in because I did not know he was at the door. Poof, appointment failed. Lumo assumes case notes are read, and blames Citipower. Citipower wants Lumo to follow their system of doing stuff.

Who do you think is at fault? Obviously, I need Lumo to send the right request in to Citipower but it seems like they are incapable of doing so, from what I gathered from my last call with Lumo. I’ll try again the next day and failing this, go to the ombudsman for further action. It’s really annoying when I think I understand what needs to be done, but cannot get both parties to work together on it. Just get the damn meter read FFS!

Updated: Apparently the meter read was successfully done yesterday one way or another, just got off the phone with Emma from Lumo who confirmed this. Amazing but anyway whatever works. If he managed to get into the building I’m not fussed about how he got in.

The other interesting bit I got was from my earlier call this morning to Lumo, where the lady (missed her name) said my property’s meter read was handled by SP Ausnet and not Citipower. WTF? Am I confused or are they confused?


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