Figuring out the go-to move.

Randy and I were yakking ball over dinner after Wednesday ball, and one of the topics that came up was the idea of the go-to move.

“Let’s say if there are five seconds left on the clock, there is definitely one move that you will use.”

That was his question, and I actually found it hard to give a straight answer because it’s kinda location-based, and also dependent on the defender’s proximity and his defense.

  • If I’m at the three line, I’ll take a few dribbles and start driving. Left more than right usually.
  • If I’m already at one of my comfortable spots in the mid-range and I have space, I’ll pull the trigger right off. Being closed out means I step around and start looking to drive hard.
  • If I’m at the baseline in the low post, I’ll bump a couple of steps before doing a turnaround jumper.
  • If I’m at the baseline in the left low post, I might attempt to step into the paint and do a hook shot.

That’s probably why I can’t say with certainty what my go-to move is, which kinda sucks. Used to be able to say that I would drive to the left without hesitation, but these days it’s not a default option every single time, especially when there is that weird unwavering confidence in my shooting which should feel worrying, because I don’t hit it consistently enough.

So I suppose I’m sort of a middling generalist rather than having killer moves; a bit of everything but not extremely proficient in one.

Randy was pointing out the possibility of the pull-up, which was true. I knew how to, and could pull up for a shot, which is something that I try not to do too much these days; there are already enough offensive options that end up with me taking a shot, without adding a pull-up that basically screams ATTACK MODE and makes me feel like Melo. Bad for team morale to have a ball hog in constant attack mode, methinks.

It makes sense to do it when the time is right though, so I’ll have to shift my mentality towards incorporating the pull-up into the available options. But still, no go-to move heh heh. I’ll figure it out I guess.


2 thoughts on “Figuring out the go-to move.

    1. NZ: With the shot clock winding down, passing the ball to someone else who then has like three seconds to decide what to do – might be worse isn’t it?


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