Three keys for jobseekers in Australia

I was talking with Rex on Facebook about his big decisions in the coming year, and one of the questions that came up was about the job market in Australia being positive for IT sales. Seeing as I do not work in that specific field and not having peers, it was a little difficult to give an upfront answer, but I pointed out that jobseeking over here consists of three big factors:

Local work experience
You would be surprised at how valued this is. Overseas experience does not count for much; V had to start her career from scratch as a junior auditor in our first year here, despite having audit experience at a senior position in the past.

Get a foot in the door, and start working. The start is always rough, but you have to make an effort to work your way in. Show everyone you are willing to start afresh and work hard to fit into the local culture.

Professional qualifications
University qualifications are all well and good, but industry certifications are what employers look out for. You could be holding a master’s degree, which honestly does not count for much if a competitor holds industry certification.

Get a degree, but don’t overdo it unless we’re talking about an MBA here. Work on professional certifications like Cisco or Juniper certs, ITIL, PRINCE, PMI or CA, CFA, CPA, whatever it is your industry values.

Social network
It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Runs against the grain of the first two points, but the closed job market is accessible only from internal contacts, and that means knowing people.

So never discount the power of friends, especially people who know how good you are in your job and are on the lookout for talent.

All that being said, persistence, effort and a goodly dose of luck is still needed so be sure to work hard, stay focused and positive. Good luck to Rex on his journey towards fatherhood and the dramatic life change in the coming months ahead.


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