Basketball: Towards new grounds! Part IV

It was a five guy night, and Danny fouled out in the second. Lost the game by 10ish points.

The game was quite over before that anyway; they had a guy who was killing us with his postup play, so all they did was to basically run the same thing over and over again. Not having Dave in the paint really hurt tonight. The dude was basically posting me up at the high post, then spinning in and having his way. Either that, or getting the ball in the low post and bumping in for the foul. I tried my turn at guarding him in the low post, but he’s just too good I guess.

And I made a few botched plays, top stuff ups of the night included stuff like a blatant travel (awful), a bad shot from baseline which hit the top of the backboard (I kid you not) and a shitty transition layup that got blocked. I got a pretty pass from James while cutting baseline, which was then fed to Joe for the layup and foul. If we could run stuff like this more often, it would be really good.

I think the main problem right now has to do with ball distribution; the open guys are not getting the ball. Joe is a pretty good cutter, but he doesn’t get the ball often enough when he gets free. Nick needs to take his shot when the defense is giving him one. And James having to handle the ball means he doesn’t get spot up situations enough. In short, lack of offense.

Or maybe it’s just me. I think I need to get some picks while handling the ball, so that I can drive. Have sadly come to the conclusion that it is too tough to drive without assistance, I’ll talk about it next week and see how that goes. Nick’s also talked about wanting to run more screens, I’ll have to remember to set ball handler screens instead of the off-ball screens for the corner shooter.


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