WordPress: The Hemingway affair, ft Jetpack.

I had a look at my first Hemingway-related post, which turned out to be quite a surprise. Sure didn’t feel like it, but it’s been six years since I first began messing around with the elegant creation that is Hemingway, and it sure has evolved through various design ideas, and some out of necessity.

From tearing off built-in controls like releasing the limit on monthly archives to adding spam control to adding a column on the side, it’s really amazing how robust WordPress (and Hemingway) has been.

All I can say is, a little bit of PHP/CSS knowhow and Googling skills sure fuelled this journey a long way. The original Hemingway stopped development at WP v2.7, so I was forced to figure out fixes to various legacy issues that every new WordPress release caused. Not any fault of the WordPress community, but it would have honestly been a lot easier had I simply migrated the blog to a new theme.

Hemingway however, just feels like an old pair of shoes; battered and worn, but so very comfortable. I was used to working with the innards, I loved the presentation because I’m the one who’s spent countless hours tweaking it exactly the way I want things to be. It was after I finally got Hemingway widgetized (got tired of statically coding sidebar content), that I thought it was worth zipping the whole thing up and sharing it on request. I have only had a few requests so far, but it’s gratifying to share the work I have made back to the community.

WordPress has been equally amazing and has certainly come a long way in its maturity as a content management platform. I’m really impressed at the amount of work that has been put into it over the years to improve user friendliness, not to mention the excellent features Jetpack has brought with it.

WP v3.4 comes with some new goodies, most noticeably an update to Jetpack. Best of all, it’s a feature I have had on the to-do list for a long while – allowing Facebook and Twitter accounts to login for comment posting! Nifty feature, but I had to rip some of the old codes out and add the new function call in. Minor surgery, but immensely satisfying.

So if you are looking to get an updated version of Hemingway that’s widgetized and supports Jetpack Comments, drop a comment with your email address! I’ll be sure to pop a copy over pronto.

And ah, happy birthday to me. I’ll write the usual keinday post afterwards, but here’s to 30 years of unforgettable experiences, with an exciting 31st on the way!


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