The work a startup needs.


I was involved in this discussion a month or so ago, and Ashley (who is the founder of Qeeple) brought up a few valid points during the email exchange. I’ll quote her words here verbatim, screening all mention of the project.

You guys highlighted what effort you’re keen on putting in for this project and everybody seems to be more keen on taking a idea conception and advisory role.

No. This will not work.

At least 1 person needs to work on this full time. I don’t know if any of you have been involved in a start up before but execution is much much more important than sitting around giving ideas and criticizing. If you want to do this as a hobby, then you will get hobby results. Don’t expect to reap millions from doing this just 2-3 hours a night. If you want to talk about equity and stake at this point, any partner putting in just an advisory role should get single digit percentage stakes. The person(s) driving the project gets lion share.

What many aspiring entrepeneurs fail to realise, is that a fantastic idea is just that – an idea. Startups are more than just an idea, they embody hours of insomnia, sweat and work.

Something that I have seen quite often; people going off on the excuse of “I’m not a technical person”. Not being technically competent is not an excuse to shy away from work. If you are not ready to learn, then be prepared to know exactly what you want before outsourcing it. But outsource it with the intention of keeping the work on track, not with the mindset that you can fully entrust your brainchild to someone else, whom you think understands exactly how and what you want. Telepathy is sadly not in fashion, and only constant communication can bring about a successful product. Keep a tight rein, and stay abreast.

And most important of all? I would like to think that it is passion for your idea. Without passion, there will be a lack of motivation to play with your idea, to think of how it could be further streamlined. Neither will it keep you awake at night, ideas buzzing in the head incessantly. Or keeping you so hyped up, you feel like sharing your wonderful idea with everyone.

Incidentally, this is something I have not found yet, the next idea which inflames the mind. Until then, every single opportunity just shrivels into a bunch of tasks and details waiting to be completed. With efficiency, no doubt, but without passion.

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