Stepping out.


It’s been five years since I first came to Melbourne, and it’s amazing how fast time goes by; three years or so spent in this apartment, damn. I would be lying if I said I loved everything about the place; it’s like an sauna in summer and a freezer in winter. But it’s been home for quite a while now, little quirks and all. But add the great location, affordable rent, friendly concierges and excellent facilities, this little place has been (and still is) pretty much unbeatable if you look at the whole picture.

I guess this is just one of those things I’m gonna miss once we move out; leaving the easy familiarity of the city for our first step outwards into the suburbs. The lovely suburbs, where virtually nothing is within walking distance, and you’re busted to bits if a bike or car’s not handy. And no concierge is ever around to help you sign for packages delivered, and there sure as hell is no steaming soak in the spa for them sore muscles.

On the other side of the equation? Plenty of peace, quiet and space. And it’s our own place this time. Technically it belongs to the damn bank now, but we’ll get there.

Life is all about change and learning to adapt to the environment, and so we must. It’s just about a sense of reluctance at leaving the comfort zone, that’s all.


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