Writing feeling right.


This blog has been going on for quite a few years now, and it has really grown since its inception. It may not be as focused like a lot of other blogs, but this is a conscious choice to express the different aspects of me; from personal daily posts to life improvement to basketball and technology, every bit is me as much as the others are.

One thing that’s never changed though – writing is in its own way, therapeutic. I like being able to express my thoughts with this medium, writing in a personal and frank manner without too much bullshitting. And I like the fact that friends do read the stuff I share, and it gets even better when they tell me that they like what I write.

One childhood ambition involved the glamourous(?) life of being a writer, but that one never really panned out. I guess working with computers too much does kill some other options along the way huh? That, and I could never get any of my story ideas to full fruition; there would be fragments of inspiration, but nothing cohesive that could be developed into a story. And so, I concluded that my unusual aptitude in the written word had no real application as a career option, outside of writing coherent emails at work.

Which felt really tragic.

That being said, it’s really fascinating how opportunities open up, just like that. It’s too early to tell how things will work out, but I got a chance to write for a really cool website, and better yet – writing about something I love, basketball! Awesome stuff, this really made my week.

Also, I’m feeling really inspired by Jay of Celtics Town’s transition into a full-time role in the sports journalism industry; it took effort and a bit of luck but some stories do have great endings after all. I can only hope that some good fortune could go my way, and I would be able to get a shot at doing something similar.

I probably never say this enough, but thank you for reading these daily thoughts of mine, and I hope that my writings will in some way entertain, or inspire you onto something insightful.

4 thoughts on “Writing feeling right.

  1. did i tell u i read one article of urs the other day and thought it was written by a professional? coz i was on my phone and didnt recognise your blog.


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