First NBA column!


The WordPress scheduled publish failed me yet again, leaving the daily post unpublished. I sincerely hope that WordPress fixes this bug with the next release, it is a bit of a nuisance.

That however, did not detract from my excitement at seeing my first post published under NBA Down Under! NBA Down Under, as the name suggests, is an Australian site dedicated to NBA content. I recently applied to be an opinion writer, and my trial article was approved! The article was submitted for review on Friday, but I did not realise it was approved today until late at night, seeing as housemoving/housecleaning took up most of the day.

It feels great to see my writing appear on a well-run site like this, and to be a part of something that looks to be going big. And of course, not forgetting the fact that it’s a great opportunity to write about my passion. Check it out if you have not seen my incessant spam on Facebook and Twitter about this article.

Celtics, Reloaded? A Look At Danny Ainge’s Off-season Wizardry on NBA Down Under

Hopefully I get more opportunities to write! Will share ’em as they come along.

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