The tale of Lumo and the meter read, part II


I hadn’t realised a part two was needed, but here it is. I received a bill from Lumo Energy with three very interesting items, all labelled “Re-energisation NMI:XXX”, priced at $18.34 each. You don’t usually get three items looking exactly the same, so I thought it was a billing error initially and talked to Lumo via live chat. And incidentally, Lumo live chat has this annoying tendency of asking if you have called them via the 1300 customer hotline. I guess it hasn’t occurred to them that people use live chat to avoid phone calls.

And during the live chat, it was explained to me that yes, the three charges were correct. I had three requests for meter reading, which equated to three charges. Absolute bollocks to me though, seeing as I did whatever I could to ensure site access (which incidentally, included three days of leave) and I still get billed nonetheless?

Sorry matey, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I requested a callback on this, and rang the 1300 number right off. After a few tries, I managed to get hold of someone basically told me the charges could not be waived, as it was being passed on from Citipower. Well I’m a Lumo Energy customer and not a Citipower customer, so don’t expect me to go raising a complaint against Citipower with the ombudsman, it’s your arse that’s going to be on fire.

And here comes the best bit. I requested to speak to the bloke’s supervisor, who told me that “it was the responsibility of the customer to allow access to the meter”. Ah, so I was expected to stand at the door of my apartment building for the entire day and not go anywhere! Sorry for providing shit service to the contractors folks.


I reiterated my point about “No waiver = complaint to the ombudsman”. He promised to get someone of higher authority to get a call back to me, so we’ll see how this goes next week. In the meantime, have a good weekend folks and let me hope that this episode ends with reason and not idiocy.


2 thoughts on “The tale of Lumo and the meter read, part II

    1. tharaka: I managed to get hold of someone in customer service, who sorted out the incorrect service call charges after repeated discussion. All’s well that ends well! Took a bit of work though, but that’s how we roll in Australia.


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