Big picture, or the details?

This thought has been coming on and off for a while, especially when it comes to work philosophy.

I hear stuff about C-level executives needing to “see the big picture at the high level”, that a grasp of the entire story is needed to make big decisions. Of course, big decisions are never easy, and they often come with multiple factors embedded within. Never an easy choice, when you have to weigh the factors and decide in favour of the one with the most positives. So this rationalisation makes sense, when you think of it this way.

We then come to the bit about being detail-oriented. This fits my view on reality better, because I like to think of big things being made up of little things. If the small tasks are not working properly, it’s unlikely the big machine is going to function efficiently. Fixing things at the root, I call it. Perhaps this is how an engineer’s perspective is like, but I believe it to be the same even if it was from a business perspective. Processes have to be implemented right, unnecessary ones removed so that the business can run with minimum effort for everyone, and not chase paper trails all the time.

There is probably no real right or wrong to this, but I believe good leaders need to be detail-oriented enough to correct problems at the ground level, and set the correct direction at the top at the same time, before the organisation can move forward effectively.

So, which perspective do you take more often?

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