Basketball: Towards new grounds! Part VI

Finally, back to the Sunday night game after skipping out last week – good thing housemoving is finally fixed. That being said, it was a trifle annoying having to drive thirty minutes to the court, when you actually consider the physical distance involved. That being said, I would happily drive further to play the damn game though.

Not much to be said about tonight’s game; it was James’ offense 80%, everyone else 20%. Nick did well on the boards (had a few nasty turnovers), Gary and Danny did good too. Emre as always put the correct perspective into the game, giving the right pep talk. I had two shot attempts, two steals and a block. The rest of the time, quite invisible. And yes, an embarrassing moment in the final seconds of the game, when I tried to block a layup without fouling – hadn’t realised I ended up jumping backwards instead of straight up. Safety first, overly first heh heh.

We lost the game mostly from free throws, and bad turnovers. Things are easily corrected, thankfully enough. The offense still doesn’t seem to be flowing though, it’s sticking in places here and there. And I’m still trying to figure out my place, something that still hasn’t materialised sufficiently yet.

What exactly is my niche? Life as always, is a journey of self-discovery. And I’m still learning about the basketballer bit, day by day.


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