Doing things a little differently.

I have this inbuilt mechanism that demands a default option in everything I do, a set routine if you must. I have a nobrainer option for every eating spot, a nobrainer route to different locations, nobrainer mode in basketball even. It’s easy, decisions are easily made and best of all, it eases up on the dreary chore of having to actually kill a few brain cells in trying to decide every trivial task the moment demands.

But every so often, there comes this slightly irrational and reckless urge to do the exact opposite of what routine demands. To be sure, it does require a fair amount of mental willpower to get started, but when the gears are in motion, the brain is required to process and absorb all the new and unfamiliar stimuli it’s receiving.

Need I say that it’s fun, fun stuff, keeps things interesting in life. The rest of me is a well-trained drone, a decent and largely mindless product of the homeland. I reckon it is this loose mental gear that got me to where I am now though, so hooray to going the opposite tack, against the grain, and for breaking out of the mould.

It is never easy to break the mental conditioning that dictates the steps one should tread in the established tracks, or to listen, obey and execute. It’s never too late to start though, so why give it a try and you might just be surprised there.

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