A toothy issue


My tooth filling cracked yesterday, and I had to have a new filling done. Thing feels a little wonky, and it seems like the amalgam at the top of the filling fell out – I have a chunk that’s sitting on my gums for some reason or other, and too hard to scrape off. It’ll be a return to the dentist tomorrow if a slot’s available.

Meanwhile, the warning the dentist gave on the first visit is still haunting my mind:

“If your tooth hurts tonight, we’ll have to do a root canal on it tomorrow.”

Memories of those horror stories about root canal treatments led me into a few hours’ worth of reads about root canal, and I finally concluded that root canal is a procedure with complications (infection, brittle tooth, possible bacteria, repeated appointments), costs too much (averaging $1,500 to $2,000) and I would be happy to yank the damn tooth out, leave a nice gaping hole and get the implant later. (Preferably overseas.)

Moral of the story: brush your teeth really well, especially your molars because it’s serious business when they hurt. And it’s a biatch to get them fixed.

The end.

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