The SAHD routine.


The SAHD routine involves starting work at 0700hrs, zero commute time and ending work at approximately 1900hrs (or later, if the rest of the family get home late). Twelve hours of work with minimal personal time in between, toilet and shower breaks preferably taken during bub’s sleep time. I need a playpen like real soon, to make life a little easier.

And if anyone was kidding about this being a holiday – you have got to be shitting me. Try facing a cranky baby all day long, and suddenly the full-time job seems like a five star holiday resort.

Part-time job is a crazy idea too; there is no way I would be able to cope with anything that requires my attention for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch.

Anyway, I’m still getting used to this routine, should have a better system figured out after a month or two.

2 thoughts on “The SAHD routine.

  1. yes, get a playpen. be prepared that she might cry when u leave her in the playpen. my niece-in-law has one but she refused to enter and always yelled and cried when we left her in it despite we are just right outside the playpen accompanying her


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