Sports journalism, not easy.

So I began writing for NBA Down Under recently, and have had three articles published so far:

(The McDonald’s article doesn’t count, it’s more of a informational thing.)

And I think I didn’t do a really good job on the Boomers v USA preview, simply because I didn’t know the Boomers that well. Like Stan said, my article sounded like someone who didn’t know much about the Australian team. I decided in favour of honesty over bullshit, so that’s how things landed.

On writing
It feels like a case of not getting the hang of something until you try it, but writing articles like these feels very different from the usual blog posts – it’s a different style altogether.

  • For starters, I try to be more factual, so research has to be done into statistics to back opinions up. No more shooting my mouth off on anything and everything, being accountable is important.
  • Secondly, the language used has to be less casual, more objective third-person rather than a personal, first person narrative.
  • Thirdly, there are limitations placed on things like paragraphing and formatting, so I am somewhat restricted on the flow of the article at times. It’s challenging to have to work around restrictions though.
  • I kind of lost my mojo on the first article, and had to be reminded to strike a balance between a coherent flow and maintaining a more professional structure to the writing.
  • There has to be an angle to the story, something like your personal take on a topic. You narrow the focus down, work on the angle, and try not to overload the article. The trick is to come up with a good angle, something I need practice on.

I’m very thankful to Dinesh, who has been through my drafts with a fine-toothed comb. Positive feedback is all well and good, but criticism has its place in the world, especially constructive criticism.

Also, I think the editing process could be further improved, nevertheless the experience has been an eye opener so far, and I’m really looking forward to more opportunities to write about something I love. Now, the only problem is coming up with more storylines – not that there are any interesting ones at the moment.

Perhaps the Dwight Howard trade? Hmmm.

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