Baby steps: A feverish milestone.


The daughter ran a fever on Sunday afternoon – up to 38.5 degrees. I was holding her and absentmindedly wondering why the hell she felt so warm, and the word “FEVER” ran across my brain in neon letters. Good thing we had a ear thermometer all ready, and when the reading appeared, I was quite sure babies didn’t have normal body temperatures of 38 degrees.

A quick Google check later, I was all ready to feed her a dose of baby Panadol.. and she barfed on me. Porridge, milk, bread and all. Well, that was good timing. Stan and I were busy cleaning up, changing her clothes when V finally got home. We popped the Panadol into her with a syringe, and the temperature slowly went down after she was breastfed. She seemed to be in good spirits, so that was pretty much the end of the episode. ‘

I was admittedly quite paranoid for a while; first baby, first fever equals worry. But babies are supposed to be quite prone to low fevers, so I guess this is going to be one of those things you deal with and just forget.

Warning signs to remember: abnormal drowsiness, lack of energy, body feeling warmer than usual.

Red alert signs to remember: splotches on skin, barfing, dehydration, convulsions.

The good thing associated with seven month olds running fevers – it proves their immune systems are working, which is why the body temperature went up while virus fighting.

The things you learn every day as a parent – inexhaustible.

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