Baby steps: The fever continues.

So, fevers are common in the young. Which means I can look forward to days like these for a very long time.

It’s a good thing the children’s hospital (RCH) is pretty close if anything happens, all that’s left is to try and bring the temperature down while getting on with life. Like William said, it’s a part of life so I guess I just need to suck it up like the rest of them suffering parents out there.

Days like these make me wonder how my mum managed to get through it all. Like honestly, effing fevers on and off all the time, for years? FFS this is a ridiculous phase that gnaws on the nerves if nothing else.

The thermometer is going to be an unexpectedly good friend in the days ahead.

I am very thankful that I read Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, and that it stuck around in my head long enough to remember the golden mantra – when the baby is unsettled, take a step back and analyze the action/reaction instead of endlessly trying something in the hope that one would work.

V was getting upset with Elly because she kept squirming and crying in V’s arms. So I took over, tried the same tack (which of course did not work). I noticed she kept moving like she wanted to get out of my arms ASAP, so instead of getting offended I placed her on the beanbag to see what would happen. She turned on her side and immediately went into the sleep routine.

It turned out that she was feeling too hot, which made total sense. How would you like to be cuddled by someone when you’re feeling all too hot, and all you want to do is to sleep?

Good book, plenty of very useful tips. Hopefully I’ll continue to keep this in mind, and observe with an objective mind rather than having preconceptions. (This applies to everything in life.)

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