WordPress: Publishing posts on schedule, not easy.

Recently, I have been keeping to a fairly disciplined schedule of writing at least one post a day (usually at night), and setting it to be published on schedule the next day. It’s part of a regime to maintain consistency in writing, and to just kick myself in the ass often enough to make it a lifetime habit.

With this routine, two functions became pretty important:

  1. WordPress’s built-in scheduled publishing feature
  2. A site/app that reads the blog’s RSS feed, and publishes it to my Facebook and/or Twitter accounts automatically.

Scheduled publishing
Wordpress’s scheduler ran without problems for a while, until it began to not publish posts for some unknown reason. Apparently, this is a bug on WordPress 2.7 onwards, so what I did was to use WP Missed Schedule. This seemed to fix things up, and we’ll see how things go.

RSS to Facebook/Twitter
I used RSS Graffiti at the very beginning, which did a good job of publishing posts to Facebook. After linking my Twitter handle to the Facebook account, I realised my needs changed; I needed an app that published to the Twitter account, rather than the Facebook account.

That app, was twitterfeed for a while. I set it up, it did its job and that was that, until it began missing posts. Missing posts without reason, quite unacceptable.

So I began looking around for something else, and found dlvr.it. Pretty easy to use, nothing much to complain and pretty customisable. One feature that I notice was lacking, was the fact that you could not set the route to check for posts before/after a certain date – I would have liked that.

A tl;dr summary of how my setup works now:

Schedule posts on WordPress
-> dlvr.it reads RSS, publishes to Twitter
-> Twitter publishes to Facebook

And there you have it, the ongoing journey of troubleshooting scheduled posts on WordPress. Hopefully there will not be a part 2, but you never know.

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