HDB housing, and affordability.

HDB flats are the primary means of housing for the Singapore population. It began as a public housing project to provide a roof over everyone’s heads, and has since developed into an “investment”, and being termed as “affordable, well within one working lifetime“.

To me, public housing is public housing, period. It should be cheap and extremely affordable, so everyone (i.e. citizens) can buy one of their own without dumping thirty years of CPF or something into it. FFS it’s not a profit-making venture, why does it have to cost so much? And of course, everyone should only be allowed to buy one. Granted exceptions exist, but that should be the primary objective.

Never could understand the crazy rocketing prices for HDB housing, and I’m glad I never will. When the price of a HDB flat is close to the price that we paid for an apartment over here, you can be sure something is really wrong.

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