Language – inefficient, yet beautiful.

If you think about it, the human language is a relatively clumsy tool for communication, especially when it comes to work. More often than not, there are meetings, phone calls and emails going around all the time, just because there is a lack of understanding on mutually agreed definitions.

Then again, is this a lack of effort in communication, rather than the viability of the tool being used? I think of effort as a lubricant that eases delivery, but the tool itself is still relatively blunt – sort of like the way a chainsaw is being used to slice carrots. It sure as hell works, but the results just ain’t pretty.

Maybe we should converse in binary instead, in black and white, and absolutes rather than the varied shades and tones language offers. That would be a neat fix to the problems at work.

Wouldn’t that be boring though? Language is such a beautiful thing, simply because we get to express the depth of our emotions, and not just say it. Like the way “I love you” differs from “My love for you flows like the sands of time; always changing, always moving, but always here, now and forever.”

Or perhaps telepathy would work best; we just have not gotten there yet. Until then, we work with what we got, and that’s the beautiful and yet sometimes lacking medium, the one we call language.

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