Basketball: Towards new grounds! Part VII

Feels so good to be balling again, after a hiatus of two weeks or so. Had a nap before the game and got there early as usual. Did my warmups and honestly, I was quite relieved to find that the shots were still going in. I think I should make it a habit to get there two hours early, so that I can sneak in some practice time before the game starts.

Sidenote: Chris Paul’s routine of “pounding the ball” does help the body to get warmed up pretty quick. Loosens the fingers, lets the hand get used to the feel of the ball in double-quick time.

So we lost tonight’s game late in the second half by an overstated margin of eight points. The game was even throughout the game, but the other team had this long guy who hit his shots when needed, created a few turnovers through the full-court press, and that was basically it. It was a pretty good effort today though, everyone was moving much more than usual. Danny is actually pretty good when he gets the ball mid-range and goes in, and Gary was giving a solid rebounding effort today.

Interesting quirk noticed: Joe likes to pass off to the left wing much more than the right.

I did my best to pass the ball today, and on the scoring bit I managed to hit a baseline jumper. Four shot attempts, only hit one. And it’s really weird that the made shot is usually the first one. Not to mention the slight cramping feeling I got in my inner thighs when I had my rest in the second half, bloody ouch. I suppose this means a definite deterioration in my conditioning – wonderful.

Looking forward to the next game, and I’m gonna continue to work on my drills at home in the meantime.

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