The Art of Leadership: Learning to delegate.

Being a leader more often than not, means being a figure of authority. In short, someone everyone is willing to listen to. Being an effective leader however, means that one must understand his own faults and limitations, and utilise his team to make up for them.

Leading a team means you need to trust your team members. Of course, that depends on how competent each member is, but you should be able to get a feel of how far you can trust them with.

What kind of team member is Steve?
Is Steve capable of obeying explicit instructions only?
Can he figure out the finer details by himself, if given a task?
Does he know enough to do some, and check with you on uncertain areas?

Knowing things like these makes your job easier, because you can then delegate tasks suitable to each member’s strengths and limitations.

The most important thing however, is learning how to trust the guys, and hand the tasks over without constant paranoia or micro-management. Being a nitpicky leader who constantly looks over everyone’s shoulders, reduces everyone’s effectiveness, simply because they feel like they have to check with you on every little thing. Would you have time to focus if you had to approve every itty bitty decision?

Life in short, would be quite awful.

One man can only do so much, and learning to delegate effectively amplifies your ability to get things done.

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