Adjusting to the SAHD routine.

It’s been almost three weeks since I began this new lifestyle, and being a stay at home dad isn’t exactly the walk in the park it’s all made out to be. I suppose I could goof off and just hit the PS3 all day long, but if this is my primary role, then I guess I should work hard and be a little more responsible.

So, how does a typical day look like?

The routine has taken a hit recently, so my “day” technically begins at 0300hrs when Elly wakes up screaming for a feed or clean nappies, pick one. There’s another wake up session at 0500hrs, and then the day officially begins at about 0730hrs. Exhausting start, to say the least. I finally figured why this was happening – turned out she needed another feed before sleeping. Last night was the longest sleep period by far, could’ve been five hours.

Moral of the story? Observation, analysis and troubleshooting.

The rest of the day involves routine for the most part – laundry, dusting furniture, preparing dinner, sterilising bottles, feed bub (porridge, cereal, formula, whatever) and change nappies. Routine is good, because it reduces the need to make decisions and conserves the amount of mental energy required to make decisions, otherwise known as decision fatigue.

It just sounds like the kind of stuff any typical housewife would be doing, but I’m trying to apply my knowhow into it. For example, I keep a log of her sleeping periods and food taken. This gives me a better idea on her sleeping patterns, and whether she’s been eating less than usual.

And of course, there’s the other stuff I juggle. Stuff like basketball drills in the house (not too often, kinda noisy), writing the daily post and basketball column, consulting work, getting contractors down for fault-fixing, and fiddling around the house to fix whatever I can.

It’s not exactly the most exciting lifestyle, but it actually is a challenge. To switch fields and be able to adapt competently – this proves that I’m not just another paper pusher who cannot move beyond his niche.

And of course, it is quite enjoyable at times when Elly is happy and having fun. Watching her grow every day, is a luxury in itself.

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