Basketball: Towards new grounds! Part VIII

An amazing 22 point blowout. There, that’s the game summary.

James got his stroke moving and hit plenty of threes, Gary was moving really well and drew a ton of fouls (and free throws), Emre was scoring in plenty on layups, Josh/Danny made a few shots, and that was the game.

The other team had four guys to start, the fifth guy arrived late in the first, albeit with insufficient firepower to pull a comeback win.

The latecomer interestingly enough, showed only two obvious moves on offense – a set shot on the three, and driving into the paint like a rampaging rhinoceros. After a few possessions, I realised what he was up to, so began to limit his drives rather than the shot. Even though we were playing zone, I made sure to pay extra attention to his position, and to box him out whenever I could, so that the rest of the guys could clean the glass up.

Took two or three shots, missed all of ’em. There’s not much to take away from this game, other than hints on what I should be doing. Like bringing the ball up and not dumping it off at the first sign of pressure (check), getting the ball at the high post so that I could feed cutters (check), getting back on defense to contest the shot (check).

It was still a good game nonetheless, marred by Josh’s finger sprain in the second half. Emre was being funny when he asked, “Is that your piano playing finger?” Everyone had to chuckle at that.

Interesting how quickly time goes by, it’s coming to the end of the season! Imagine that.

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