The Wazapp wait.

So WhatsApp never bothered with developing a version of their killer app for the Nokia Meego-Harmattan platform, which meant N9 and N950 users were stranded without this seemingly-essential instant messaging/media sharing app that’s so popular all over.

Thankfully, beta 0.2.6 has been available for quite a while, which alleviated the problem somewhat.

And I’m very thankful to the rest of the guys working on the final Wazapp release (maemo thread), the ones busy ironing out bugs, implementing group chat and media sharing – you guys are awesome. I’m really looking forward to the day when Wazapp is finally a polished product! Seriously, which community bothers with coding an app from scratch for the greater good, on their own time and without any rewards? The guys working on Wazapp development deserve a huge round of applause.

In the meantime, I’ll carry on with the beta that seems to hang every now and then. Much love to the picture sharing done through email instead of WhatsApp, thanks for understanding.

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