Wazapp: fixed and working!

It probably hasn’t caused an uproar to most of the smart phone community, seeing as the majority of today’s users are invested in either Android or iOS. But the community app Wazapp has been quite important to the Nokia N9 community, so when it stopped working for about a day, there was a major commotion among most, if not all of the users.

Thankfully, an updated version was released very quickly by the Wazapp guys, namely Tarek Galal (@tgalal on Twitter and TMO), Matias Perez (@CepiPerez on TMO) and Bojan Komlejenovic (@knobtviker on Twitter and TMO), not forgetting assistance from Vadim Kotov (vkotovv) of WhatsAPI. (Happy to update if I missed anyone out.)

Wazapp was unfortunately down again on 8 Sep 2012 due to changes on WhatsApp’s end. A new version with the fix has been released, refer to the download archive for the latest build. For more details on the issue, refer to this post.

Wazapp appears to be down again as of 31 Oct 2012, once again due to changes made on WhatsApp’s end. There are dedicated volunteers working hard on this, have a look at this Github thread if you are interested to know the details, or if you are able to help. Refer to this post for updates.
Update: A new fix is released as of 05 Nov 2012, head over to the download page to get the latest version 0.9.12.

Wazapp is down again as of 22 December 2012, new patch version 0.9.14 is released.

Wazapp registration error as of 02 Jan 2013, new patch version 0.9.16 is released.

Below is a short FAQ of recommended fixes for common installation issues for Wazapp

0.2.6 stable build

If you want to remain on 0.2.6 without any new features (e.g. group chat, media sharing), download this stable release by Graham (@ginggs on TMO), build details here. This version has been updated to fix the login issues after 8 Sep 2012.

Error message: status shows “Connecting…” when Wazapp is running.

Error message: status shows “need to remove your account from accounts manager and re-register” when starting up Wazapp. This was due to recent changes on WhatsApp’s end (again), which meant another rework on Wazapp.

The latest fix (11092012-0000 build) is now available, refer to the download archive.

Here is the idiot-proof guide to upgrading your Wazapp and fixing the connection error.

  1. Quit Wazapp
    Go to Wazapp, tap the Menu icon on the bottom right, select Quit

  2. Delete your Wazapp history file
    *Note: This deletes all of your existing chats, you have been warned!

    Download Filebox from Store
    Open Filebox
    Go to the Settings on the bottom right (the gear icon)
    Enable Show hidden files, Show root filesystem
    Go back to the filesystem, navigate to /home/user/.wazapp
    To delete files, tap and hold on the filename, select Delete
    Delete file ending with .db with a string of numbers in front e.g. 2342342139492.db

  3. Download the latest build
    Open Web, or any browser you prefer on the N9.
    Go: http://write.keinism.com/2012/09/03/wazapp-download-archive/ and download the latest build.

  4. Install the new Wazapp
    Run the .deb file after download has completed.
    Tap I agree to Uncertified source
    Tap Accept to Dependency notice
    Wait for Wazapp download and install to complete
    Check if Wazapp is running
    If Wazapp is running, go to Wazapp, tap the Menu icon on the bottom right, select Quit
    Reboot your Nokia N9
    Start Wazapp up

  5. Cleaning up
    You will see messages being received when you are connected
    Quit/start Wazapp a few times to make sure all backlogged messages are received
    Reboot your Nokia N9

Error message: Wazapp registration gives “Failed. Server said: fail-too-many”

For Nitdroid: marrat has a fix for you, check his post out.

As suggested by enjoy, it would be good to make sure WhatsApp is not running on any other phone for your number.

Clean install process (originally suggested by Rabah_vip):

  1. Uninstall Wazapp
  2. Remove account: Accounts – Wazapp – menu at bottom right – Delete Account
    (suggested by hharju)
  3. Use Filebox, delete all files in /home/user/.wazapp (only the files inside, not the folder)
  4. Delete /opt/waxmppplugin to remove old Wazapp core files (suggested by soryuuha)
  5. Reboot your N9 here to be safe. (suggested by hharju)
  6. Install the Wazapp .deb you prefer
  7. Use Filebox, delete the folder /home/user/.wazapp
  8. Remove Wazapp account: Accounts – Wazapp – menu at bottom right – Delete Account
  9. Open Wazapp, re-register (refer to below section)
  10. Reboot phone

If you need to re-register your number for WhatsApp:

  1. Quit Wazapp, then remove it from home screen (hold and tap red X)
  2. Remove Wazapp account: Accounts – Wazapp – menu at bottom right – Delete Account
  3. Wait for 12 hours (suggested by Arie
  4. Download BlueStacks – this is an Android app player for the PC.
  5. Download WhatsApp for Android on your PC
  6. Delete your Wazapp history file (suggested by Jayanand)
  7. Reinstall Wazapp on your N9
  8. Run WhatsApp on BlueStacks, register with your N9’s mobile number
  9. Tip from sb0373 on TMO: Leave Wazapp open with the registration screen active when BlueStacks is being used to send the SMS. This allows the N9 to pick up the registration SMS automatically.
  10. Get the SMS verification code from your N9, and enter it into Wazapp

Error: Unable to sync all contacts to Wazapp

Note: This error applies to builds, especially to larger contact lists.

Branched this off into another post – Look here for details and possible fix.

Error: Unable to receive messages from contacts

This fix was suggested by AngusRock.

  1. Uninstall Wazapp, do not remove Wazapp account
  2. Restart phone
  3. Delete all files in /home/user/.wazapp/ (not the directory)
  4. Install 0.2.6 build by Graham (@ginggs), refer above, do not start the app
  5. Restart phone
  6. Start Wazapp
  7. Quit Wazapp
  8. Install 03092012-1225 build, do not start the app
  9. Restart phone
  10. Start Wazapp

Enabling developer mode and using Terminal to run Wazapp

Refer to this post for details, especially if you want to run Wazapp from terminal and capture the output for troubleshooting.

Have a look also at CepiPerez’s Wazapp FAQ, as well as the list of reported Wazapp bugs on Github.

There is also a new wiki for Wazapp at maemo.org, have a look at it.

With this new update, several features are available, here are the ones I have noticed:

  • Multimedia sharing
  • Status message update
  • Profile picture update
  • Group chat showing subject and contact name correctly.
    (Subject with emoticon causes problems, not verified.)
  • Total number of chats shown on top right corner

Note: Download links for all Wazapp builds have been moved to this page for easier updating.

Happy to improve this post with better information, so comment and let me know what you think.

257 thoughts on “Wazapp: fixed and working!

    1. Vincent: Pretty sure it’s down for everyone, it might have something to do with the power outage over in the States from Hurricane Sandy. Server issues, can’t be helped.


  1. hi kein… im also encountering same problem with vincent now… i am here in saudi arabia… am i also affected by the server issues???? coz since morning i cant connect my wazzap… thanks…


  2. hi … my problem that its take along time in connecting … and there is no contacts appear on contact list i made refresh but it toke too much time and no contacts ,.. sync contacts not working i dont know why .. i reboot no benefit


    1. omar: I think that has to do with the server connectivity issue as well, since sync is essentially comparing your contact list with the active users on WhatsApp. Patience.


  3. Hi.. I have a biiiiiig problem…
    My wazapp is stuck on connecting. I tried to follow your instructions, but wen i click on step 3 :Download the latest build.. it takes me to illivid installation.. is that correct? can you please give me the proper link..


  4. @kein hey i just installed the nee version but i cnt even sync new contacts i have no contacts since updating but it could register and its just writing connecting


    1. omar: I would say the latest CepiPerez builds are almost always give more features. Of course it depends on what better is for you – is it stability or is it features?


  5. Hi kein
    the status still said connecting and nothing happen
    i tried to delete .db file and install the latest version but it didnt work
    i had try (08102012-2200 / 11092012-0000 / / 0.2.7 ) versions
    and all stay on the same problem
    and in the first day i use it and its work good but the second day its begin to say ‘connecting’ and dont know what is the problem
    can you halp me


    1. Saro, Vincent and Xiang: glad to hear it works! I’m just one guy on the internet helping to spread the word, credit goes to the Wazapp devs, especially Tarek.


  6. Yeah yeah it works… great! But now the COOLEST thing about this app is gone. The green notification icon on the standby screen when the screen is off.

    I’m sad.


  7. Well thank you very much! I will look into it. I have another question. The app doesn’t automatically switch from 3g connections to Wifi ones, right? You must restart the app whenever you change the internet service (wifi or 3g), correct?

    thanks again


    1. Alison: I’m sure it does that automatically, I have been using my Wazapp in and out of the house (Wi-Fi/3G) without restarting the app. Try restarting your phone once, and see if it switches automatically thereafter.


  8. Hi kein..happy new year.. My wazapp is down again..it said login failed.. When i tried re verifying my account..it still fails.. Do i delete my account and re register?


  9. Happy new year guys! I tried to delete then re-registered my wazzap still the same problem.. login failed till i re-verified my account but still the same… login failed… pls kein help… thanks


  10. I downloaded wazapp installed, then I got the code but when I enter it and push next it send me back to registration where it says my country code and my mobile number and I cant do anything. please help


  11. Hi kein.. I’m having problems wth my wazzap abt sending pictures.. It stays on ‘initialising’.. I can receive poctures :/


  12. I don’t get my verification code it takes too long sending the registration !! And what does it mean failed too recent !! Plz I need help


  13. okay i have read alot of comments here and am not understanding anything here as much as what’s going on with my wazapp installation. Dont know what the bluestuck is all about but here’s my problem. I downloaded wazapp had a little verification code problem until a friend showed me where to get the code. And after inserting the code it keep’s saying verifying code but never verify’s or move from there. Am stuck. Pls somebody help me. Been on this for three days now.


  14. I cant sync my contact, when i sync it will appear fetching contacts after is done no contacts will display. Am using v. 0.9.22 wazapp. Thanks


  15. Hi! I’m getting the message “fail reason:old_version” or “Fail! Server says old_reason”

    I’ve tried deleting the files through Filebox, then reinstalling Wazapp 0.9.22, but I get the same failure message. I’ve even tried downloading Bluestacks and using it to send the code through SMS/Voice, but when I enter the code into Wazapp on N9, it gives the same message. I’ve tried using an older version of Wazapp, but same result. Any suggestions? Please and thank you in advance…


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