Wazapp: Comparing discussion channels

It’s both amazing and gratifying to see my Wazapp update guide getting an incredible amount of hits today. I can’t really contribute to the community in terms of development, but documentation is what I excel at, and this is probably where I will continue to contribute.

Forums are a good channel for discussion, but the pages rack up too quickly at times with important posts being missed, and spam posts appear with first-time posters repeatedly asking the same questions – this ends up annoying everyone else because of the same old questions/complaints/rants.

Twitter is great because it provides real-time communication, but not as good for retrieving archived information. For example, reading a tweet from three months ago isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

Hence, having an FAQ-style guide provides a static post for reference, which makes sense so long as the author continues to update the post with relevant information.

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