Wazapp: Contact list no sync?

Error: Unable to sync all contacts to Wazapp
Warning: this tip is based on my own testing, I could be wrong.

I updated to build 01092012-1030 earlier today. And it was surprising when the group subject could not be loaded.

I quit Wazapp and restarted it, app could not be started. Deleted .db file, rebooted phone and all but five contacts remained before, and after sync – it appeared to be five contacts with their WhatsApp push names, not the contact list name.

So I uninstalled, deleted the .db file, rebooted and reinstalled it to build 30082012-1630, with limited success. The app ran the first time, but my contact list was borked. I was unable to sync the contact list totally.

I also noticed the following repeated error under /home/user/.wazapp/reglog :

Warning: libqtcontacts-tracker: engine.cpp:1591: Not cleaning up obsolete resources for nao:hasTag property since the property's range is too generic (rdfs:Resource).

So I did the whole uninstall/delete/reboot/reinstall again, reinstalling to build 29082012-1330 this time. The contact list sync worked perfectly without a problem, and the error message in the log stopped appearing. The only downside for me is that this build appears to have problems retrieving the group chat subject header.

So if you are having problems with contact list sync, give build 29082012-1330 a try.

Update: Bojan (@knobtviker on Twitter) seems to think that this is an issue with pushnames and the size of a user’s WhatsApp contact list.

Note: Download links for all Wazapp builds have been moved to this page for easier updating.

Feel free to give the various builds a run and let me know what you are getting.

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