Basketball: Towards new grounds! Part IX

Second last game of the season, it’s amazing how quickly a season goes by.

Once again, we got killed by this team, felt like a rehash of the last game against them. What really hurt though, was that we got out-rebounded on defense. Nothing to say on that, they deserved the win purely on rebounds alone. Emre fouled out and was really pissed about losing to “a bunch of old cunts”. Well, them old fellas whooped our asses upside down.

I was talking with Josh before the game, and he has an interesting view on the league basketball. He doesn’t care too much about the W and L columns, but rather on whether everyone played a good game. It sort of makes sense, because there’s no point to one guy scoring fifty points every game and winning the thing single-handedly – the point is to work together as a team. That being said, the working together as a team thing is still a project at this point.

Botched a few things here and there today, talk about awkward once again. Got hit with a travel call on a fast break opportunity and got a pass stolen when bringing the ball up (thankfully the bloke missed his layup). So need to buff these little mistakes away, gees.

I think I’ve figured out why Danny keeps hitting me the wrong way with his passes every single time though. If I’m not mistaken, he’s passing to my right hand every single time when I wanted the ball on my other hand. I’ll talk to him about it the next time round, and we’ll see if that helps.

More practice, more experience, and I hope to do better.

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