Niche content and the Wazapp wave

If I was at work, a traffic spike would be a definite nightmare.

Now that we’re talking about page hits however, it’s exciting (so long as I don’t exceed my bandwidth cap) to see the posts proving useful to fellow N9 users all over the world.

Behold, the power of writing on a niche topic.

You can see that the traffic clearly went through the roof by a magnitude of five at least.

Writing about a Meego-Harmattan app is pretty exclusive by anyone’s standards. Even the app is Wazapp, it’s a big deal only among the N9 owners. In normal parlay, this means the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit about Wazapp. When you narrow the focus down to Wazapp troubleshooting and upgrading, I guess that’s about as niche as you can get.

I doubt this traffic trend will last the year, since this explosion has a direct relationship with Wazapp development. As soon as Wazapp’s final build is completed – poof. I’m still enjoying the ride in the meantime, it feels good to give and contribute.

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