Wazapp: 03092012-1225 and using Terminal

This update was released yesterday, and has proved to be much more stable than the two earlier builds (01092012 and 30082012).

To download: refer to download archive

To update: quit Wazapp, run new build installer. Do not delete anything. Reboot phone to see the cool new message notification icon.

Note: sending pictures with Wazapp requires that you take them with the Camera app first. You cannot launch the camera from within Wazapp, I have confirmed this part. The final release will offer the option of either using a picture from gallery or camera, but not now.


I ran into issues after a day of use, when I quit the app, and restarted it. The app could not start up successfully after that – it would load, get into the conversation window, try to connect, then crash. Quitting did not help, rebooting did not help either.

This phenomenon was also observed by Gregg Thomas (@Gregg_Swd on Twitter):

@knobtviker commented that having more than 100 WhatsApp contacts seems to be causing issues:

This is not a confirmed fact, but we should get a clearer picture with increased feedback.

To debug:

Debugging this required that I use developer mode, so for those who are new to this gig like me, here’s how you enable developer mode on the N9.

Wait for phone reboot to complete, start up Terminal and enter this command:

/opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp &>/home/user/MyDocs/output.txt

This logs all output from the Wazapp process into a file named output.txt, in an easily accessible location when connecting to the computer via USB.

(The pipe process surprisingly took a while to figure out, because neither > nor tee worked – so much for my familiarity with Linux. Busybox wins. And I hate not being able to repeat my last command.)

The log is a little verbose, but it ended with this:

file:///opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/UI/Conversations/SendVideo.qml:82:13: QML Image: Cannot open: file:///home/user/.thumbnails/grid/6b1fd373ea18eb31085b594e1e838378.jpeg
file:///opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/UI/Conversations/SendVideo.qml:82:13: QML Image: Cannot open: file:///home/user/.thumbnails/grid/96a2374a83dc60b1e1d762071ddbb37f.jpeg
Segmentation fault

To fix: Easy solution – delete the .db file in /home/user/.wazapp/ and restart the app.

I’m not 100% sure what this issue is about, but based on the logs and my usage it’s likely related to picture sharing. The fix is relatively simple, and things should work if you’re not too fussy about losing your history and having to sync contacts every now and then.

Other reported problems:

Jayanand has checked in with the following scenarios that cause Wazapp crashes.

  1. Pressing emoticon button when typing in landscape mode
  2. Tapping download button on a received image
  3. App starting up, going online and then crashes. Number of open conversations (12), messages not being sent to contacts

If anyone else has problems with the above, it would be really helpful if you could drop a comment.

20 thoughts on “Wazapp: 03092012-1225 and using Terminal

  1. I ran into the same prob of it getting stuck in that going on line n then crashing loop. Yes i did the same thing yest of Deleting the .db file. Its a pain to loose the conversations. Also after that it messed up all the profile photos of the ppl. It some how managed to copy paste a single persons pic on many of my other friends. There are hosts of probs with the 1225 build. Will document it later on.
    There is one positive thing about this wazapp, its very light on battery.
    PS watz wrong with this site, it does not allow words like on line n askes for security code to be entered which are just not readable by human.


    1. Jayanand: Thanks for sharing, I’d like to hear more about the list of issues you have and add it into the post. I’ll have a look at the blacklist later, it might have been a little too strict 😉


  2. Issues With build 03092012-1225

    1. While Typing in landscape mode if i press the emoticons button, Wazapp Crashes
    2. If at times someone sends an image and u click on download there are 50-50 chances of the download going thru or wazapp crashing.
    3. For reasons i have not figured out it keeps going into that going online n crashing loop. The only detail i can provide here are that the Number of conversations i last had were 12 and msgs were not getting sent to ppl even though it was online.

    As a matter of fact, while i was typing all this it went in to that crashing loop. Guess have to say good by to.db file again. This is really getting annoying.


    1. Jayanand: Thanks for the details, I’ll put it up on the 03092012 build post. Let’s hope the next build makes things better for you. Have you tried to start Wazapp from Terminal and have a look at the log yet?


  3. The first few hours I used the new build 03092012 it was good(lot smoother n connection was fast. But in the last 24 hrs i’ve lost count of how many times it has crashed… Tried all sorts of things(non developer mode) n observed a trend. It seems the prob is with having too many open chats n contacts.Therefore deleting conversations seemed to work most of the times and the remaining times it crashed reboot , quit and re registering worked. But from the last couple of hrs when its crashing none of these methods are working. The app doesnt go past the start up screen.
    Im regularly on group chats and huge conversations. I remember 1 of the times it crashed just deleted a long group chat and immediately worked. Hope it helps… Hail Wazapp n its AWESOME developers 😀


    1. Shekar: Thanks for the feedback! Judging from my fix of deleting the .db file (conversation history), it’s likely your guess is right. I would suggest you try deleting the .db file and see if it helps you to start the app up.


  4. Kein, i need some help here. i had read through the post of the fixing but i cant make through.

    Downloaded n started to use the new version of Wazapp.
    But after awhile, once i logged on it crashed automatically.

    Please teach me the proper procedure to solve this.


    1. Gres: Try deleting the .db file and you should get through fine, it seems like there is a problem that causes Wazapp 03092012 to crash occasionally. I’m not 100% sure on this, but it looks to be related to number of WhatsApp contacts/number of open conversations.


    1. Gres: Instructions for deleting database are available in this post, refer to: .

      Basically, you need to download Filebox from Store, and use Filebox to delete the .db file from /home/user/.wazapp/


  5. Hi Kein,

    I need some help. For about a week, I’m experiencing a connection failure. I have deleted, downloaded the latest build(wazapp-29082012-1330.deb) reinstalled it and followed the aforementioned debug instructions. It didn’t help the result is the same, no connection to the server.


  6. hey i have.no idea why i cant dl the latest version to de archive and tried bt every time i dl its the prev. Version or elsr its the file too big such that i cant dl it .. Is there any direct link i can dl from .. This is too confusing


  7. kein: I have tryed everything in the blog, I stuck at the initial logo and crashes.
    I have tryed wazapp_0.9.12_armel.deb and wazapp_0.9.17_armel.deb (latest version) and still nothing, I have deleted db file, I even deleted all my contacts, made a Clean install process, PLZZ HELP ME OUT!! :S


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