How important an editor is, et cetera

I have never worked in an actual media entity before, so my understanding of how things work is honestly vague. But I imagine things to be fast-paced to begin with. Tight deadlines, lots of overtime, lots of pressure to produce.

Planning and deadlines
I would imagine that proper planning helps enormously, so let’s talk about planned deadlines. If there’s an interesting topic in the wind that should be published, giving notice early and assigning personnel to the task? Definitely the best way to go.

Structure and editor
And about the hierarchy as well. There should be an assigned editor to each writer, so that the writers know who to reach out to for help. The editor to me, is the guiding light. He should read and provide prompt feedback for further edits before the article is released.

Just like how Dinesh has been the informal editor for most of my NBADU articles (he went through my drafts with a knife), a good editor would really help to improve the readability of the article – there’s much to be said about falling in love with your own creation, and I’m not immune to it either. Snow blindness gets in the way sometimes as well, after reading your own words a billion times.

And with this, I’m left musing about how the work process could be further improved at NBADU. I’m really passionate about improving things, but my role is that of a writer and that’s what I should be doing first.

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