Wazapp: Terminal commands

Here is a compilation of useful terminal commands for Wazapp troubleshooting. The N9 runs Terminal on BusyBox, so those who have had practice with Linux/UNIX will find the syntax familiar.

To enable developer mode, refer to this article.

Wazapp database location:


Wazapp files location:


Note: Proceed with caution on all commands! I’m not responsible if you muck your phone up. If you are not comfortable with using terminal, have a look at my Wazapp troubleshooting guide instead.

To install Wazapp from terminal (via brkn):

dpkg -i wazappfilename.deb

wazappfilename refers to the filename of the build you downloaded, for example wazapp-03092012-1225.deb

To kill the Wazapp process (via zacaaron):

killall wazapp


kill `pidof wazapp`

Note the above punctuation marks are backticks, not single quotes. (via brkn)

Killing the Wazapp process helps when you have problems starting up Wazapp, and if you do not wish to reboot the phone.

To delete the Wazapp database (via Arie):

cd /home/user/.wazapp
rm -rf *.db

To run Wazapp from terminal and log the output for troubleshooting:

/opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp_init &>/home/user/MyDocs/output.txt

The screen output is saved to output.txt, which is accessible via USB mass storage. You can then retrieve the log and dump it on Pastebin.com, so that someone else can have a look at why your Wazapp is stuffing up.

That’s all I have for now, leave a comment if you have anything else to share.

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